Friday, 13 August 2010

Mr Friday-Thursday Night

Soooo. The dating enthusiasm has taken a bit of a back seat this week. I am still in a quandary as to whether I genuinely fancy Diet Coke Boy enough to merit a third date with him, or whether I just feel obliged to go on a date with him because he has now treated me to two dates AND rather sweetly sent me flowers (albeit to the wrong place – muppet).

I think I have just about decided that the third date will happen though – but our diaries are taking a while to co-ordinate with summer activities clearing dominating a lot of time for both of us. I have also decided that I need to pay for this third date, and arrange it entirely on my own terms. So, preparations are afoot – Diet Coke Boy date 3 update will be forthcoming in a week or so..

Meanwhile, I may have misbehaved a little in the meantime…

If you recall a certain rather fun "What a Week!" I had a month or so ago, you may also recall a certain Mr Friday Night who featured – an old friend of mine from law school. In a rather surprising turn of events, Mr Friday Night has been rather eager and constant in his textual attentions since that evening, and I have, again, almost surprising myself, been replying relatively enthusiastically. Surprising mainly because he is not my usual type at all. Blonde hair, grey eyes, a little under 6 foot, a little on the cuddly side if that doesn't make me sound too cruel. Super intelligent though – he can almost - almost - out-spar me, which I rather like. And he is pretty confident and arrogant for a cuddly chap. And I don't normally like the cocky ones, I am far too sensible to fall for such chaps. All in all then, it is rather odd.

So, anyway, after a few weeks of furious flirty texting, last night Mr Friday Night came round for a chilled out take-away and vino evening. And promptly became Mr Friday-Thursday Night.

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