Friday, 10 September 2010

Diet Coke Boy: Third Date...

Woops. Bit of a break on the update front. Too many holidays and too much fun going on. Not enough attention being paid to the dating scene.

But! Last week was FINALLY third date night with Diet Coke Boy (we took ages to find a convenient date for us both!).

Also my decision was made that the date was to be on me, and planned by me. First ever third date, and first ever date I have had to plan. Nerve-wracking stuff.

So, I went on my first ever "third date" with Diet Coke Boy. Had serious doubts about it all to be honest following the episodes of him throwing pink girlie-weight bowling balls around and drinking strawberry milkshakes and coke floats etc. But - I did feel like I kind of owed him after he paid for the first two dates and sent me flowers (to the wrong office - doh).

I was absolutely determined to get some booze down myself at least this time round, so I set the location (5 minute bus ride from my home – so selfish), to do what he requested we do (play monopoly - this is because I claimed to be pretty much unbeatable at head to head monopoly on our 2nd date), and got there early to buy a bottle of delightful Malbec.

So, I sat there with monopoly set up and ready to go (so keen to win), a large glass of my Argentinean Malbec (half drunk) and a hopeful empty 2nd wine glass should he decide to indulge in the vino with me. The evening progressed thus:

• I despatched him at monopoly within 20 minutes. I almost felt sorry for the guy.
• I told him he had sent the flowers to the wrong place. He didn't seem to be embarrassed at his error at all. Slightly more red-faced when I suggested that the nicknames on the card after 2 dates was a bit strange and that my old receptionist had found them amusing.
• He didn't drink any wine. He clearly doesn't drink ever. I really quizzed him on it this time - we're talking quick-fire 20 questions. His dating profile is definitely misleading in stating he occasionally indulges. Unimpressed.
• Consequence of his non-drinking revelation though was that I drank the entire bottle to myself. Happy days.
• We both ate a good steak and peppercorn sauce - at least he likes red meat if not red wine.
• He sent me a text message whilst I was still sitting at the table with him - weirdo. It asked me if I would like a decider match as we were now 1-1 in terms of the fact he had won the bowling and I had won monopoly… Odd behaviour. Unsure of how to react in such a scenario, so smiled and politely said that would be nice. (Note: I didn't also reply by text).

So - towards end of the evening, I thought he might finally try to go for the lunge, especially bearing in mind his text message that indicated he wanted to see me again… I was well prepped after drinking my entire bottle so for once nerves were not an issue. We paid up, left and said goodbye outside… and nothing. Just another peck on the cheek goodbye.

Most odd. Not fussed by lack of lunge from him (as you may have guessed from reading the above), but did start to have concerns about the fact that everyone else I have spoken to seems to kiss on ALL of their dates, whereas I seem to never kiss on any at all!

So, I assumed that was probably it with my tee-totaller… until I got a text message this week asking if I fancied playing connect 4 at some point… I JEST NOT!!!! Connect 4 for heaven's sake!

Conclusion: non-drinking and a few indications of the lacking in brain cells, I think, means that Diet Coke Boy probably won't be losing a game of Connect 4 in the near future.

Further conclusion: I really need to kiss on a date soon or I am going to be get a complex about it!

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  1. Connect 4!!! LOL But I suppose that is better than Hungry Hungry Hippos.

    How did you decline his offer? Too funny!