Thursday, 29 July 2010

Dear Cougar...

Incredibly exciting news.

Yesterday morning I received a phone call from the firm I used to work at (over a year ago) saying some flowers had been delivered for me!

I was somewhat confused about who on earth would be sending me flowers that didn't know me well enough to send them to the right firm, but at the same time jumping around, silently whooping, with the telephone attached to my ear (much to the consternation of my colleagues walking past at that moment).

I asked my old receptionist if there was a note to say who they were from. Cheeky woman said that there was indeed an enclosed note and she would be happy to open it for me if I liked? I say cheeky because I could sense in her voice that she had jolly well opened it already and that something peculiar was going on…

"Dear Cougar, Love Mav xxx".

Oh. My. Word.

To the unknowing ear that could sound like I was a cradle snatcher (google puma, cougar etc – essentially old women who like toyboys) – which any of you lot reading this will actually be aware can very easily apply to me. To my old receptionist it was probably the most amazing gossip she could possibly start to spread around my former colleagues.

"Who might Mav be then Twenty-Single…?", she slyly asked.

To my knowing ear though, it was Diet Coke Boy. And he appears to given us nicknames already. Hmmm.

You may recall that after my first date with Diet Coke Boy I was on a mission to learn all the call signs from Top Gun before our second date. Which I duly did. And during supper he did indeed quiz me on them and was very impressed that I got all of them (including the call signs for the control towers and ship, not that it is of importance) – bar one… Cougar.

I have many thoughts on this at the moment:

1. Diet Coke Boy has sent me flowers! Hurrah! I have never had flowers sent to work before – how exciting!

2. He had, somehow, almost utterly miraculously in fact, sent them to the wrong firm – and indeed somewhere I worked a year ago. I have definitely mentioned that I used to work there but if the boy had been paying even scant attention, he should have realised it was a while ago. That old grey matter concern of mine is clearly now justified. He must be little dim-witted. Alternatively, he paid no attention to about 10 minutes of our dinner conversation. Neither option is ideal.

3. How cute of him. And I thought I might not hear from him again. Or is it distressingly keen…? I didn't even kiss him - could he be a bit of an oddball? He DID live with his ex for four and a half years… maybe he is looking for a quick step-in replacement for her?

4. Nicknames?! After two dates. Errrrr. And he gives me the one of the guy who utterly bottles it in Top Gun and himself the legend that is Tom Cruise as Maverick?!

Anyway. I went to collect them after work yesterday – it was immensely fun finally being one of those girls carrying a bouquet home from work that all of the other females around try not to look enviously at.

On balance I think I had better organise a 3rd date with him now he has treated me to two dinners and bought me flowers. There was talk of a monopoly head to head… I would probably prefer to get a little tipsy with the boy to see what he is like after a few drinks, but it doesn't look like that will happen anytime soon if he keeps ordering milkshakes and coke floats... So, if anyone knows of a cosy pub that has board games at the ready, that would be great…

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  1. WOW! You lucky girl! You're killing me with Jealousy over here! He definitely sounds keen on you.

    There are heaps of pubs around that have board games. Mainly 'old grandpa' style pubs have them. If he was a drinker I would suggest you do the Monopoly pub crawl but seeing as he loves the odd milkshake and diet coke, why don't you walk some of it? I wouldn't walk all of it, but it could be fun to take a camera along and take some pictures of the streets and each other. You can also stop along the way to have lunch or hit up a pub to wet (your) lips.

    I'm interested to see if he drinks at all. If I were you I'd want to get to the bottom of that sooner rather than later. He could be a recovering alcoholic.

    best of luck lovely! xx